Reunions are one of the best healing tools available to Veterans


As the events chairman for the Brotherhood of Dak To Defenders, Inc., I want to personally welcome you to my site. This site is dedicated to provide and promote reunions of ALL Veterans of the 299th Combat Engineer Battalion, who served at Dak To, Vietnam. My mission is to bring as many vets together as I can who had the unfortunate task to be in or around the Firebase at Dak To. Anyone who spent any time in Dak To knows what I mean when I say we all have a common bond, and can relate to some of the same stories and experiences. Some of the stories told can only be appreciated by those brave men who were there.
Military reunions are one of the best healing tools we have to help veterans heal from the emotional scars of war. Many, if not most, if not all, of us who served in the Dak To area, suffer from PTSD. Far too many vets will not admit they have something wrong with them, they think everyone acts this way, I know I did. But after I attended a reunion and sat down with guys who had the same problems I had, I came to realize that I had some serious issues that needed to be addressed very soon before it was too late. I also gained a ton of information from the veterans round table discussions we had. This round table group discussion is a regular part of the program in all of our reunions. We have a committee of vets who head up the discussion and put out valuable information to everyone who attends. We always invite a member, or members of various service organizations,
DAV, VVA, VFW, Purple Heart, etc. We also allow enough meeting space and time allotment to hold such a group. By attending such a group you will not miss out on anything that is happening outside the group. We also ask that you bring wives, or a significant other to the group because they are far more insightful to what's going on with you.

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