Reunions are one of the best healing tools available to Veterans

Reunions are one of the best healing tools available to a Veteran

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Current time in Saigon

       "FIRST LOOK"  
     Sin Chow       "Welcome

 Do you remember this?
      For many of us this was our first glimpse
                  of what we would soon call our home.

Can you remember this ?
Smelly canvas tents, red dust, ankle deep mud, C-Rats, real rats, guard duty, the EM- Club, (tent) right next to the 175 that had a fire mission about every 5 minutes, cold showers, no showers, cold fog, hot beer, piss tubes, motor tubes, fox holes, rocket craters, the smells of napalm in the hills, spent gun powder in the valley, shit burning?
 Or this
 Tan Cahn, the Montagnard Village, the garbage dump, the rifle range, the water point, road to Ben Het, the road to Kontum, bridge 39, the dusty convoys, the car wash down at the river. 

Tom bee it---    Dee Dee Mou---   Dee vay
"Good bye"-    "Move quickly"-"Go Home"
If you can associate yourself with these pictures, or any of the things I have mentioned above, and served with the 299th Combat Enbineer's, then you are the one I'm looking for.

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