Reunions are one of the best healing tools available to Veterans

About us

I am a volunteer military reunion planner.  I'm the events chairman for the Brotherhood of Dak To Defenders Inc.

We are an organization comprised of some of the surviving members of the 299th Combat Engineer Battalion who defended the firebase, airstrip and fuel depot during the siege of Dak To, May-June 1969, against a superior NVA force, consisting of the 66th Infantry Regiment and the 40th NVA Artillery Battery.

Among the only Americans left behind at Dak To at this time from February to July 1969, after the 1/4 ID pulled out, were Headquarters, Alpha, and Delta Company's of the 299th Engineer Battalion, and attached 15th Engineer Company (Light Equipment) , elements of Headquarters and Service Batteries plus A and B Firing Batteries of the 1/92 Artillery, a detachment of Dusters from the Americal Division and a small U.S. Air Force detachment assigned to runway operations. Total American Troop strength was less than 600 men.   


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